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Solar Panel Heating

Friday 21st, July


Our solar panels harness the power in both direct and diffused sunlight, converting the energy to heat, to produce hot water for the home. A typical well-sized solar panel system should provide around 50-70% of the annual domestic hot water requirements of a home, representing a very worthwhile saving on hot water heating costs.


Our solar panels have been designed as a complement to existing heating systems which use a store of hot water in a cylinder. The existing cylinder is exchanged for one with two heat exchanger coils: one from the boiler in the property and a second from the solar panels. Furthermore if you need more information pleasecall John 087 285 4670.


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- Efficient panels with 95% absorption rate
- Selective coating on panels - increases collector performance, even    on cloudy days
- Installation solutions for on-roof, roof integration, flat roof and wall mounted at 45°
- Portrait and landscape panels * Simple to use controller
- Solar safety glass * Robust panel design * Easy to fit * CE mark
- Solar keymark (European quality mark)


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JSD Boilers,

Lissadel Crescent,





Phone : 01 845 2344

Mobile : 087 285 4670


Email : jsdonovan@eircom.net

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